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10- May- 2015▪ | Posted by: isi

We just recently adopted this site and hope you guys like it :)

15- January- 2014▪ | Posted by: Alice

Happy birthday Barbie Blank, I hope you have an amazing day & that you love the project,
me and your Barbie babes have done for you. Enjoy your day beautiful. I want to thank you
for everything you’ve done, you’ve made me so proud to have you as an idol, I want to
thank you for your love and support it means everything to me, I love you so much beautiful.
– Love, Alicia [@KellyDiaryNet]


5- January- 2014▪ | Posted by: Alice

We have added another short trailer of Barbie Blank and Kelsey Bohlen of they movie together called, “Angels Investors” we don’t know yet when does the film will be done, but stay tuned for more trailers also check out the Screenshoots in our gallery by clicking in the picture above.

2- January- 2014▪ | Posted by: Alice

Dear Barbie Blank fans, this year we’re making a new birthday project, everyone can participate in this project.


About project: This year I’m gonna to do a video where I’ll put your own edits for Barbie Blank where you wish her a Happy Birthday, or you can also make a video yourself and wish her a happy birthday and all the best (or whatever you want :] ).

How to participate: When you’re done your video or edit(s) (yes, you can  do many edits if you want) Email me at you have to give me your Twitter username (If you do not have a Twitter account you can just give me your Name and Surname) and then when I’ll get everyone’s edits or videos I’ll make the final video, the video must be done January 12nd so please to everyone send the ASAP (As Soon As Possible) so I have not to edit it again at January 14th (for example), so everything HAVE to be finished January 12nd, so I can post it January 15th without any problems!

That’s all, I hope you’re gonna to participate in this project, and thanks to those who are going to participate.


27- December- 2013▪ | Posted by: Alice

» March 22nd, 2014

» Maryland Championship Wrestling
» Joppa Marketplace
» 1000 Joppa Farm Road
» Joppa, Maryland

» April 17-19, 2014
» Salt Lake City Comic Con
» Salt Palace Convention Center
» Salt Lake City, Utah

» June 6th-7th-8th 2014

» Niagara Falls Comic Con
» Scotiabank Convention Center
» Ontario, Canada

26- December- 2013▪ | Posted by: Alice

According to The I.P.A. Network, the former WWE diva [Kelly Kelly] Barbie Blank, will be appearing at the Niagara Falls Comic Con taking place June 6-8, 2014 at the Scotiabank Convention Center in Ontario, Canada. Ric Flair, Demolition, Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell will also be on hand for the event.

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