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So how did you and Sheldon meet?

BARBIE BLANK: We met through a mutual girlfriend who I was living with in Tampa. He was playing with the Oilers at the time and he had a game in Tampa. My girlfriend was going out for dinner with him and a bunch of friends and she invited me since I was in town. We talked a little bit, but we didn’t think it would end up going anywhere. We became friends but it was only about a year later that we became girlfriend-boyfriend. We’ve been together for four-and-a-half years, now.

When your friend introduced you to him, did you know who he was?

BB: I had no idea. (laughs) I’m from Florida and hockey is not a big sport down there. I didn’t really know anything about hockey and he knew nothing about wrestling, other than from when he was a kid. When we first started dating, we were both very supportive of each other’s career. He would come to my shows whenever he could, and I would come to his games whenever I could. We balanced really well.
Together for just over four years, Barbie and Sheldon will tie the knot in January.

Are you a big hockey fan now?

BB: I became a huge hockey fan! I fell in love with it. After meeting him, I realized that he was a totally different guy on the ice. I remember during our first month dating, my mom told me I should go watch some of Sheldon’s fights on YouTube. So I did and I was telling myself, “He’s killing these guys. This is insane.” (laughs) He told me he was a totally different guy off the ice. I would love going to games and when he would get into a fight, I would stand up and yell, “Yeah babe, kick his ass!” All the other wives and girlfriends would give me the weirdest looks. (laughs)

Have you ever laced up the skates with Sheldon for fun? What kind of hockey player would you be?

BB: Never, but we talk about it. I’ve never really ice skated or anything like that. That’s something I would really want to try now that he’s retired. That would be something fun to do together. I would definitely be a fighter. I would give him a run for his money, for sure.

Did it take long to convince you to join the cast of WAGS?

BB: When we were approached, I thought it was a great idea because you guys have Hockey Wives in Canada and we had Basketball Wives in the US, but there’s never been a show featuring all of the WAGS on the same show. I thought it was a great concept that was untapped since people hadn’t seen that side of our world.

We all know there’s a bit of scripting done with reality TV. How much of the drama we see on WAGS is actually real?

BB: None of it is scripted. That’s just what ensues when we get together. The wives really don’t care for the girlfriends and vice versa. (laughs) It’s a really interesting dynamic to kind of see the hierarchy in the sports world. People hate to admit it, but there is one, and we show people how it is.

Is it hard to have your everyday moves followed by cameras and scrutinized by the public eye?

BB: Well, it doesn’t show everything. We know when they’re going to film us – it’s not like we have hidden cameras at our house. (laughs) So we’re always prepared and I’m used to the cameras from my WWE days. We used to film four times a week. But Sheldon is not used to the camera, so he took a little bit of warming up, but he’s a natural.

We saw on the show that you were worried about Sheldon’s retirement. Now that a few months have passed since he hung up his skates, has your perception about it changed?

BB: Since he’s been injured for the past two years, he’s had a good amount of time to settle in and realize that he’s retiring. I think that he’s been handling it amazingly. Every career ends and it’s not forever. I remember what I was like when I retired. I just didn’t know what to do because I was so used to having a schedule. He’s really enjoying retirement and I’m happy with his decision. We’re moving on to the next chapter of our lives.

Has retirement life already hit him? Is Sheldon spending his mornings doing crossword puzzles? Wearing socks with sandals? Has he taken up bocce yet?

BB: We love it. He’ll do his thing. He’ll go golf during the day and I’ll go off on my way. I’ll have dinner ready and we’ll hang out together. We’re a stay at home little couple and we have our little shows that we watch. He’s a completely different person now from when he used to play in Montreal. (laughs)

Has he ever told you that he was kind of a big deal here?

BB: Oh, I’ve heard about it. (laughs) Let’s just say that he told me that he lived it up. He just loved living and playing there. He couldn’t stop talking about Montreal whenever we talked about his career. When we got together, he’d just signed in Dallas and after that he went to Anaheim. Hockey isn’t as big in Texas or in California as it is in Canada, so I never had the chance to see how the fans were crazy over him up there. When I hear people talk about how he couldn’t go to a restaurant or couldn’t walk on the streets without being mobbed by fans, I just can’t imagine it. When he tells me these stories, it really sounds like he was a big shot in Montreal. (laughs)
Friends since their WWE days together, Montrealer Maryse Ouellet will be a maid of honor at Barbie’s wedding.

Did you have the chance to spend some time in Montreal with WWE over the years?

BB: It’s funny because one of my bridesmaids, Maryse, is from Montreal, and she knows Sheldon’s group of friends up there. They knew of each other in some way before I met him. I love hearing her talk about Montreal. Whenever I had a match against her in Montreal, I would get booed so bad since she was the local star. (laughs)

We know the wedding will take place in Cabo, but any plans to possibly take a second honeymoon in Montreal? Maybe wait for a summertime visit?

BB: You never know. I would love to go to Montreal and spend some time there and go to some restaurants and go out to the clubs and do some sightseeing since I’ve never really done that. I’d love to visit Montreal. I want to see how people react when they see Sheldon. (laughs)

On the show, you mentioned that you wanted to create a new image for yourself after your “Kelly Kelly” character. How hard is it to break away from a role?

BB: It’s been such a big part of my life. I started when I was 19 and Kelly Kelly was such a big name in the WWE and it was my persona for seven years. When I left, I wanted to leave that persona behind and kind of make a name for myself. My fans have been amazing and they’ve followed me through my whole career and they want to see what’s next for me. The show has been great for them to see what I’ve been doing since I left the WWE. I’d like to try acting or hosting or anything like that to further my brand.

Do you miss that lifestyle?

BB: I miss entertaining and performing for sure. I’d love to do something along those lines. WAGS has been amazing because I’ve been able to have fun and be myself and still kind of entertain, but in a different way. It’s been great.

Would you ever be open to a return to WWE?

BB: If they ever ask me to come back and do a one-time thing like a Summerslam or a Wrestlemania, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it. I’m still young, I feel I still could go out there and wrestle. You never know.

Even if you want to distance yourself from wrestling, do you ever have to bust out your old moves on Sheldon when he doesn’t behave?

BB: I remember when we first started dating, he was asking me, “Hey babe, is wrestling real?” He shouldn’t have tried me. (laughs) So I gave him a Ric Flair chop to the chest so hard and he realized at that moment that wrestling was definitely real. I would do moves on him all the time and he just couldn’t believe how crazy it was.

  5 Things You Didn’t Know About Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly  
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Here is a list of 5 things you didn’t know about Barbie!

5. She’s a movie buff: I love going to the movie theater by myself and watching 3 movies in a row!

4. She’s getting married soon: “The date is January 30th and it’s a destination wedding. The planning so far has been so great and easy maybe a little too easy… I just haven’t let myself get stressed about it I’ve just had fun with it. My wedding planner has been amazing. We actually just sent out the save the dates so I’m just taking things a day at a time and following a schedule of things that need to be done by a certain time and letting myself enjoy the process!” she told us, adding Sheldon has been helping a lot with planning too. “My fiancé has been helpful where the guys want to help which is picking the cake and finding his and the groomsmen tuxes. He’s great though when I bring him ideas he gives me his opinion and that helps out a lot because I want him to have the wedding of his dreams also!”

3. She’s an expert at balancing her career and personal life: “I’ve always been able to find balance when I’m working, being on the road 300 days a year with WWE definitely taught me a thing or two about that. I just love to be working and doing something I love so planning a wedding, filming a reality show and working on my new fitness venture has kept me busy and I love it!”

2. She has a cool new fitness program coming out soon: “I’m a co-founder for this new lifestyle fitness brand called Lynx. It’s a bunch of different elements combined into a total lifestyle brand from workouts and apparel to meal plans,” she revealed. “My favorite part of the workouts involve friction training with an exercise board which gives you a full body workout. I also do a bikini calendar every year so I’m almost done shooting that, it will be out soon.”

1. Sometimes she misses WWE: “I do miss performing for the fans! That feeling that you get when you walk through the curtain is unlike anything I had ever felt. It’s the greatest feeling to have people chanting your name, supporting you and telling you they want to be just like you when they grow up!”

  ‘WAGS’ Spoilers: Former WWE Star Barbie Blank Hints ‘Lots Of Drama’ With E! Cast [EXCLUSIVE]  
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Barbie had an interview with Fashion & Style and here’s what it said!!


You have a long history with TV from your WWE days. How was it transitioning from professional wrestling to reality TV?

They are both very similar, WWE is just like a soap opera but with wrestling, while Reality TV is just like that but the characters are real and the drama is real! The transition was very easy for me because I’m used to the cameras being around and I was very comfortable so I was able to be myself. I would have to say the biggest challenge was to not let myself get into my old wrestling character (haha), because when I would get into arguments with the other girls I would automatically turn into a WWE DIVA. So I had to remind myself how would Barbie react? Not Kelly Kelly — we are not in a wrestling ring! Even though sometimes I wish I could be with some of the girls!

How was it to have reality cameras following you around while also planning a wedding?

That part was a little annoying because I could sit with my planner for hours talking about my wedding but with the cameras always there I don’t have that much time, so I had to adjust to talking about the most important things at that time. Now when I am not filming I’m able to spend a lot more time doing the stuff I need to get done.

How did you meet your fiancé?

I met him through a mutual girlfriend I was living in Tampa at the time. He had a hockey game that next day, so my girlfriend invited me to go to dinner with a bunch of people and he was there and immediately I felt sparks!

What was his reaction when you decided to join the cast of WAGS?

He has been nothing but supportive of me and my career. I honestly couldn’t have done it without his support, and when this opportunity presented itself he told me to go for it and have fun!

Being that you’re also a professional athlete, do you think your relationship is easier to maintain compared to some of your cast mates?

I just think I related to my fiancé on the level of travel, working out, being on a schedule, etc. There’s so much we both have in common because of our professions that we just get it, and it makes our relationship easy.

What made you want to give reality TV a shot?

I love watching Reality TV shows so when this opportunity came to me I thought “Hey why not give it a try! It could be fun to film a show with your girlfriends and show people what the WAG world is all about!”

How is your relationship with the other cast members?

It has been a rocky road with some of the girls, which you will see on the show. We all didn’t get off on to great off a start but you will have to watch and see how it plays out.

What can fans expect to see on season one? 

They can expect to see a lot of drama! Friendships go up and down and relationships go up and down. It’s a great look at what women in the WAG world go through on a daily basis, how we deal with our men being on the road, having our own identities and careers and lots more!


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